? 10 Things about NFT you must know.


? In this video, we are going to talk about 10 things about NFT you must know.

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— In essence, an NFT is a collectible digital asset that has value as a cryptocurrency. NFTs are being seen as a value-holding investment in the same way that art is. But how do you do it?

— Let’s start with a definition of the expression. NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which is a form of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, unlike a regular coin on the Bitcoin blockchain, an NFT is one-of-a-kind and cannot be traded for other NFTs (hence, non-fungible).

— So, what distinguishes an NFT from a standard cryptocurrency? The file, however, contains additional data, elevating it above pure currency and bringing it into the domain of, well, something. NFTs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they may be a piece of digital art or a music file – something special that can be stored digitally and considered valuable. In essence, they are similar to any other physical collector’s piece, except that instead of an oil painting on canvas to hang on your wall, you receive a JPG file.

Topic Discussed in this Video:

1. Is owning the NFTs the same as owning the copyright?
2. NFTs and DeFi.
3. Why are NFTs important?
4. How are NFTs created?
5. How do you buy and sell NFTs?
6. What are the risks of buying and selling NFTs?
7. How much are NFTs worth?
8. Who’s been using NFTs?
9. Where can I buy NFT tokens?
10. How do NFTs work?
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????? ??? ????? ?????? ???????:
1. https://youtu.be/Ihhvr4vgsZA​​​​
2. https://youtu.be/4r2S-BB25UE​​​​
3. https://youtu.be/BQjn8ksf38s​​​​
4. https://youtu.be/kkgSqpzJSIs​​​
5. https://youtu.be/uu3QhYU8lzM​​

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