? Everything you need to know about yield farming.


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? In this video, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about Yield Farming.

At its most basic level, yield farming is a method of allowing cryptocurrency holders to lock up their holdings in exchange for rewards. It’s a mechanism that allows you to gain fixed or variable interest by investing cryptocurrency in a DeFi sector.
Simply put, yield farming is the practice of lending cryptocurrency to others through the Ethereum network. The sum lent out is repaid with interest as loans are made by banks using fiat money. The idea is the same with yield farming: a cryptocurrency that would otherwise be sitting in an exchange or a wallet is lent out via DeFi protocols (or locked into smart contracts in Ethereum terms) to earn a profit.

Yield farming is usually done on Ethereum with ERC-20 tokens, and the rewards are often ERC-20 tokens. Although this could change in the future, the Ethereum ecosystem currently houses almost all yield farming transactions.

Topic Discussed in this Video:

1. How are yield farming returns calculated?
2. The future of yield farming.
3. Is yield farming sustainable?
4. What can you do with yield farming?
5. Who can get involved?
6. Which projects are involved?
7. Why should we care?
8. What’s so special about yield farming?
9. A quick rundown of yield farming.
10. How does yield farming work?
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