10,000 unique BAYC-inspired NFTs were created by Google AI


The capabilities of artificial intelligence are unimaginable. Whether we consider text production, face recognition, or making art, it will always be something impressive and like out of this world. Google is one of the recent providers of proof for this. 

Google Cloud Neural Networks is known to work with its artificial intelligence software to make art, NFT art including. Thus, Google’s collaborative Notebook service Colab combined with cloud computing has recently transformed 10,000 iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs into machine-made artworks. 

Looking like abstract paintings at first glance, these artworks feel greatly inspired by the BAYC, when observed intently at them. Dubbed Artsy Monke, besides the BAYC ape-spiration, the project also combines the fine art aspect that can’t be underrated. 

Google AI is capable of recreating NFTs even through text description. However, the BAYC NFTs were given to the AI as “a loose canvas within which to frame the generative art,” said CryptoGrims, the resident AI artist.

“We felt there was something missing from standard NFT art. We wanted to recreate the magic of the Bored Ape collection and convert it into art.”– Dan Hovey, Artsy Monke Blockchain Dev. 

All NFTs within the collection are unique and really astonishing. They feature intricate Viking ship scenes, moody neon city landscapes, and intense stormy oceans. However, each of them conceals the image of an old good Bored Ape and this is visible with the unaided eye. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club is a truly legendary project that made a statement in NFT space and became an inspiration and motivation for many others. When technology meets art, something incredible as the Artsy Monke collection happens with lots of chances to resonate with the whole community.

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