7 Myths about cryptocurrency you should never believe


In this video, we are going to talk about 7 myths about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm since their inception. Despite their success, many people do not understand how cryptocurrencies work and find them perplexing. Let’s start at the beginning and learn about cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency or a medium of exchange that uses cryptographic protocols to ensure transaction security and authenticity. Such virtual money is based on Blockchain technology, which is unregulated by any jurisdiction, which is the reason why cryptocurrencies and their transactions are fully safe. Unfortunately, the idea of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and is widely misunderstood, leading to the spread of many myths about it.

Topic Discussed in this Video:

1. It’s too complicated for regular people.
2. It’s anonymous.
3. Cryptocurrencies are for finance people and too confusing for regular ones.
4. It’s trying to replace the money.
5. Cryptocurrency mining has a massive energy footprint.
6. Cryptocurrency needs the intrinsic value to be useful.
7. Cryptocurrency is only used by the dark web and criminals.
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