introduces no-fee structure for most trading pairs

Date: has introduced a no-fee structure on the majority of spot and contract trading pairs available to its users in an unprecedented move that other exchanges have yet to match, Coin Journal learned from a press release

With this, it has become the most affordable platform for crypto trading on the market.

No conversion needed for stablecoins 

USDC, PAX, TUSD, HUSD, BUSD, and other stablecoins pegged to the US dollar do not need to be converted, and users can trade them as USD spot pairs. 

The lack of fees makes trading far more affordable, considering that USD-pegged stablecoins are the most frequently traded stablecoins on the market. The removal of fees will remain in effect indefinitely. 

Support for the crypto community

Crypto is in a sustained bear market, and is showing users support so they can survive crypto winter. The option to trade ether for free will support the Ethereum community, and the opportunity to trade bitcoin for free will ease millions of users’ trading experience.

Easy and safe 

The exchange makes trading a cheap, easy, and safe experience for traders, enabling them to shift their focus to strategies and positions and worry less about other things. recently celebrated its ninth anniversary. Apart from doing away with fees, the exchange refreshed its branding and introduced multimillion-dollar trading competitions.

Security is top priority 

Security of user funds has always been a top priority for the exchange, which was the first to have a certified firm audit and verify its user asset reserves. It is currently undergoing another audit. 

It is verified that they hold all user assets on the exchange, and users can withdraw them at any time.

Over 1,500 cryptos available 

Finally, users can trade more than 1,500 cryptos as 2,500+ trading pairs in the futures and spot market and access copy trading, options, lending, NFTs, contracts, Web3, bonuses, exclusive fee discounts, and other rewards.

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