Investment Opportunity with New 3nm ASIC Miners


If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in crypto mining, you have undoubtedly landed in the right place. Bitramo is quickly emerging as a popular crypto investment destination with its three mining rigs Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X that can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero like no other product in the market. These miners have already carved a niche with their excellent performance, high profitability, and ease of use.

First and foremost, Bitramo miners stand apart from the competition by virtue of their superior hash power. As many of you already know, hash power is the most important factor impacting the efficiency of a crypto miner. The hash power offered by Bitramo miners has never been even heard of in the industry. Naturally, these miners can process more data per unit time compared to any other product.

Bitramo Hash Rates

   Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero 

Ramo 1:             360 TH/s      30 GH/s      2 GH/s         2MH/s

Ramo 2:             750 TH/s      70 GH/s      5 GH/s         5 MH/s

Ramo X:            2250 TH/s    210 GH/s    15 GH/s       15 MH/s

Even though Bitramo miners are ultra-powerful, their power consumption is quite reasonable. This is what makes them an extremely cost-efficient investment option. Many Bitramo customers claim to have been able to earn 100% ROI in no more than a month. This may sound crazy, Bitramo has made it possible. Once you have recovered your investment, it’s time for you to start making profits.

Projected Monthly Profits

Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero  

Ramo 1:              $1900           $1400         $2200          $2500

Ramo 2:              $4000           $3500         $5700          $6600

Ramo X:            $12,300        $10,500      $17,000       $20,000

There is a common perception that crypto mining is only meant for individuals with a high level of industry knowledge and experience. However, this is not true for Bitramo miners. Many of the company’s satisfied customers are common crypto enthusiasts with no prior experience or knowledge. These miners are delivered pre-configured and you can start making profits right away just by plugging them into a power socket. You don’t even need to upgrade your home internet connection because you just need a speed of 10kb/second for these miners.

Bitramo is always proactive about increasing the profitability of its customers by offering them additional benefits. All their customers receive free access to the company’s mining pool, complete insurance cover during transit, and warranty for all types of software or hardware issues.






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