KuCoin becomes flagship CEX to host Ethereum merger events


Leading global crypto exchange KuCoin will launch a number of events related to the Ethereum merge, which will enable users to learn more about this critical Ethereum update, including possible investment opportunities. 

With this announcement, KuCoin becomes the flagship CEX to host Ethereum merge-related events in support of Ethereum ecosystem development. 

ETH Gold Rush 

Among the highlights are the ongoing ETH Merge Prophet and ETH Merge Gold Rush. The exchange will announce the others throughout September.

Gold Rush is the flagship event the exchange will launch for the Ethereum merge, giving users more information about the latest updates related to the merge. 

KuCoin will offer convenient spot trading and futures trading services for merge-associated assets, such as Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Polygon (MATIC), etc. What’s more, users can take part in ETH PoS mining with just one click.

Prophet celebrates events worldwide 

KuCoin launched another notable campaign, ETH Merge Prophet, on September 1. In what’s another first, this event will attempt to predict ETH’s price trajectory. It will also celebrate major events in the crypto market.

Prizes for Global users’ accurate predictions  

If you are a global user of the exchange and record above a specific trading volume, you can try to predict which cryptocurrency will gain the most on a certain day. If you guess right, you’ll get a prize. 

Those with the most accurate predictions will share prizes of up to $50,000. The event started on September 1 and will last seven days. 

USD Coin campaigns, record APY

Last but not least, KuCoin is holding a number of USDC campaigns, including trading bot campaigns, a USDC pop quiz, trading tournaments, a net deposit campaign, and a fixed promotion with the highest APY in the world – up to 16%.

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