NFT Naruto Museum signs an agreement with The Jackson Family Foundation


Being a legend of pop music, an iconic dancer and a truly prominent celebrity of all times, Michael Jackson’s unmatched legacy is eternal. To make it everlasting not just in the hearts of fans and the physical world, Michael Jackson is likely to appear in the metaverse soon. 

This conclusion is based on the agreement NFT Naruto Art Museum signed with The Jackson Family Foundation Japan. This partnership gives NFT Naruto Art Museum rights to “Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys”. 

Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys or MJWWT is a fictional world that Jackson drew in 1992. It acts as “an amusement facility to liberate the world’s poor children”

Based on the partnership, Jackson’s Wonder World will be recreated in the metaverse. In the future members of the museum will get tokenized Michael Jackson’s toys as well as exclusive access to priority exhibitions, events, and the MJWWT metaverse, which is about to launch by next year. 

“NFT Naruto Museum of Art will work with JFF (Jackson Family Foundation) and JFFJ (Jackson Family Foundation Japan) to realize museum DAO, museum 3.0, which will connect museums around the world, transcending the ideology of “country” and “time” to connect with the past,” the press release says. 

There is no official release date for the project yet. However, this is an initiative worth being stayed tuned for!

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