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Coming soon: my book. It is a collection of my essays on the future of the Internet, reorganized and edited to be up-to-date. It will include an exclusive introduction and a handful of other new essays that I’m still working on:

The book will be 100% free and released under Creative Commons with Attribution.

You’ll be able to get it electronically through a few different channels.

There will also be a 1/1 NFT, released on an eco-friendly blockchain, for a special person who would like to support the project — while also having the right to include yourself in the acknowledgements section of all versions of the book, engraved in the blockchain, for time immemorial.

To get on the list to be one of the first people to get the book (or for details on the 1/1 auction), before it releases elsewhere — please subscribe to Building the Metaverse. I’ll update this post periodically with information as we get closer to either event.

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