Near Protocol gains 9% as bulls try to outwit bears at $4.2


  • Near Protocol token surges 9% and reclaims $4.2

  • Crypto recoveries and expected Ethereum Merge potential reasons for the surge

  • Momentum remains weak, but NEAR could start a bullish surge if it sustains $4.2

Near Protocol token NEAR/USD buyers are keeping hopes alive as the token reclaims $4.2. The level is the established support for the token of the Layer-1 network. In a single day, the token surged by more than 9%, erasing some previous losses. The gains took NEAR slightly above $4.2, but the momentum remained weak. Trading volume was also up 6.0% in 24 hours, highlighting increased buying pressure. So why is NEAR gaining?

A combination of factors could explain the recent recoveries in NEAR. A spot check indicates that the overall crypto sentiment is improving. Near Protocol is recovering in line with the crypto sentiment. Nonetheless, NEAR gains were above most cryptos. The Ethereum Merge, expected later this month, could be boosting Layer-1 blockchains.

Clearly, there is no specific event boosting Near Protocol token. However, to a technical reader, the current price is one to watch for the next few days. 

Near Protocol token price action on the daily chart

Source – TradingView

NEAR trades at $4.6 after capturing the $4.2 level. The minor breakout could have caused the increased buying pressure at the support. A MACD crossover above the moving average is another bullish indicator for the cryptocurrency. The 20-day moving average has joined support. The price is yet to break above the 50-day MA. 

Final thoughts

NEAR is a potential buy at the current levels as bullish signs emerge. We need to wait for a bullish confirmation after the close of the daily candlestick. If the candlestick crosses below, that could invalidate the bull call. It is nonetheless important to monitor NEAR at the $4.2 level.

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