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pSTAKE, a liquid staking protocol that unlocks liquidity for staked assets, announced its BNB liquid staking solution (stkBNB) is now live on mainnet. Users can leverage their stkBNB tokens to pursue DeFi opportunities across the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Launched today, stkBNB is now live on PancakeSwap to provide liquidity pools, yield-farming, and yield optimization. More integrations are expected with other BNB Chain protocols in the near future.

“After months of rigorous development and careful testing, which included a partnership with Binance Labs and a series of audits by leading blockchain security firms, pSTAKE is now moving forward with its mainnet launch for BNB liquid staking.”
– The pSTAKE Team

pStake app (

Simply by staking their BNB on pSTAKE, users will earn around 5% auto-compounded staking rewards. stkBNB is a BEP20 token compatible with Metamask, Binance Web Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Math Wallet.

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