Three games to enter the GamiFi epoch with the NFT skins


Against the overwhelming NFT craze, regardless of the current bear trend, major web2 gaming brands are gradually transferring their powers to web3. The GamiFi industry is skyrocketing, and the most recent triple collaboration between WarQube, ShootGun, and Lift & Shoot is the best proof of that.

Blockchain technology brings gaming to a totally new level, allowing seamless in-game trading of weapons, wearables, mods, and skins. Thus, play-to-earn game WarQube collaborates with P2E mobile devs iDos Games, and the Big Forge Games GamiFi platform to adopt NFT skins, celebrating a new era of usability. The new endeavor concerns the“Play and Own” principle, allowing the ownership of digital avatars, designed by the leading NFT artists.

The greatest benefit comes after knowing that those skins are interoperable throughout the three games. Currently, this partnership proves to be a never-before-seen experience in the crypto gaming industry, which treats users to absolutely new in-game values given the NFT technology.

Thus, gamers will be able to use and trade NFT skins in WarQube, ShootGun, and Lift & Shoot. Each NFT skin will be one-of-one with its own value, providing an opportunity for hassle-free trading within the gaming realm. The initiative is scheduled for Q1 of 2023 after the launch of Alpha versions of all three games.

Be among the early-bird NFT skins minters that actually work in multiple games to access a whole bunch of perks. Sniff the wind for updates!

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